The digistisation of decades worth of journal articles will help the Association achieve some of our key objectives; to promote historical research, educate the public, preserve to collective knoweldge and the contribution of our members over the years.

A full index of articles will be available for review on the site. Visitors will be able to request specific articles for a small fee. Some articles will also be available for free download from the website. Below are some samples. Also available are some articles written specifially for the website to provide a background to Waterloo and the Era.

Members will be able to access all the articles that are presently digistised in the Members Area the password is contained within your Journal.
The Opening of the Papelotte - Frischermont Action 1988
Another Look at Historic Waterloo by Lucien Gerke 1996
Mercer's Troop at Waterloo by Gareth Glover
Kincaid at Waterloo by Graham Bradley
Extract from a Narrative of the Battle of Quatre Bras by a Soldier of the 79th Highlanders
Waterloo and the Day after the Battle, by an Eye Witness
The Waterloo Memorial at Cossall by K. Raynor 1988
The Great Game by S. Nottingham 1986
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