Wellington’s Men Remembered
A reference work which contains over 3,000 memorials to British soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars as well as 150 battlefield and regimental memorials in 24 countries
From the Archive
The Association has begun the process of digitising our achive which goes back to the 1970's. It will present a valuable resource for scholars and those interesed in the period. A number of sample articles are available
A wide range of images will be available, from period drawings and painting, to modern day battlefield photos, reconstructions and Association events.
Wellington's Men Remembered
Volume 2

Has been released click here for the order form. Association members pay only £35
Songs of the Waterloo Era
Simpson's Folly have produced a number of contemporary songs to commemorate the bi-centenary of Waterloo, follow the link for samples and more information
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Waterloo Trip
Report on the 2015 Waterloo Association trip to Waterloo
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Learn about the founding of the Association and our objectives for the future
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An historical society for those interested in the Battle of Waterloo and the Peninsular Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington
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Report from the Waterloo Association: Autumn
study weekend - September 2016 Portsmouth
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AGM 16th of March
Our AGM will be held at the Cavalry and Guards Club at 6.00pm followed by a talk from the Dutch historian Pierre de Wit. 'Hidden by Hindsight: the true strategical dimensions of the Waterloo Campaign, from the perspectives of Napoleon, Wellington and Blucher'.